United Nations of ReFi DAOs - Season One Proposal

Hello Familia! Welcome to ACRE DAOs!



We are a new tokenized community of individuals and DAOs passionate about how the crypto economy, Web3, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can create positive change in the real world. In particular, we are focused on innovation in finance and investing so that together we might Re-image Impact Investing through the prism of Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and local impact.


I’m Kianga, Founder of ACREinvest, a new Web3 governance and social incentives services business. With the support of a few angels and heaps of sweat equity, we are helping to convene and support the ACRE DAOs community in its operations and in achieving its goals. There has been no venture capital involved to date or pre-sale of any tokens. $ACRE token distribution is designed to be fair and earned for contribution to the regenerative economy movement.

To that end, I have prepared a series of memes to serve as a formal proposal to the community of Founding Members and new Members for what we shall focus on in Season One (see images below).


Many of you answered the Open Call for Founding Members in December 2021 becoming the first hodlers of $ACRE tokens! I have been so inspired by the incredible work you all are doing across the globe and am humbled to be in cooperation with you at this critical time.

During the pre-season what seemed clear to me first and foremost is a need to address a key structural sustainability issue that impacts our collective ability to do and scale the important work:

:money_mouth_face: Personal Income :money_mouth_face:

How do we pay people adequately for their time and expertise in order to attract the volume of diverse talents needed to interoperate, collaborate and execute in this new model?

In the following proposal, I suggest we take our initial concept of being an “impact investment club” and :boom: super-charge :boom: that to be a DAO<>DAO Federation with an organizing mission of providing permissionless income to regenerative economy workers who contribute to our DAOs.

We propose to use the $ACRE Impact token supply as a kind of pan-DAO community currency with the ability for Affiliated Actors* to exchange $ACRE 1:1 for a liquid stablecoin such as $DAI. :two_women_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands:

*The term “Affiliated Actors” refers to individual token holders in good standing with DAOs that are members of ACRE DAOs. This and additional defined terms will be set forth in a proposed ACRE DAOs Charter to be posted in the Forum after the community Snapshot vote for the Season One Proposal.


The exchange of $ACRE for $DAI would be achieved through the formation of DOER Money DAO and a community governed Permissionless Income Protocol mechanism I describe in this blog post DOER Money Trust: Funding the ReFi Army

There’s a lot to unpack as to how we propose this can all work. But first, let’s start with a little house keeping…


This Forum is open for your comments, interpretations, additional memes, suggestions and discussion.
Following a two-week period the Season One proposal will move to a Snapshot vote for $ACRE token holders. You will need to create separate Forum login credential once you are wallet connected and have launched the Members Portal app.

The Forum view is PUBLIC, but access to log-in and create an account is only available via the Members Portal. To reward active Forum participants, we launched Season One with a Sourcecred integration that’s already live!

How we refine and implement payment of $ACRE for Cred is TBD by the community. You can view our Sourcecred Explorer HERE.

SourceCred (in the most basic sense) is a technology that makes the labor of individuals more visible and rewardable as they work together in a project or community. The goal of SourceCred is to use this technology to make rewarding labor as nuanced as human contribution often is. We hope to be one piece in the puzzle of a healthier future where systems serve community members, where financial maximization isn’t the end-all be-all goal, and where wealth actually flows to those who are creating the value in our world.


Anyone can join ACRE DAOs by connecting a Web3 wallet and applying here for admission.

New Members will be admitted weekly during Season One with a 1,000 $ACRE token drop gift for joining. Following admission be sure to join the Discord server and verify for the $ACRE Holders channels.

With all that said, you don’t need tokens to be part of the Familia! We welcome all to the community spaces in our Discord and monthly Community Call every 4th Thursday at 7:30pm EST - usually on the Discord Main Stage. The Discord is a great place to lurk, meet people and over time find a DAO community you’d like to collaborate with if you are currently unaffiliated.

Also, you can follow us on Twitter.


The 7 Impact Categories in the Forum are where we’d like to encourage the submission of proposals from DAOs interested in being elected to fulfill the role of one of 12 Trust Protectors for DOER Money DAO as voted in by $DOER token holders and Founding Members. But that’s for later!


For now, how do you interpret the proposal below? What would you add? What would you change?


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